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Tour de France 2014 - Langsett Events

Langsett Parish Council TDF Sub-Committee
At the Annual Parish Meeting in 2013, it was decided to establish a sub-committee of the Parish Council to co-ordinate and facilitate plans for the Tour De France. During the run up to the event a number of Councillors and residents met regularly to make plans for Langsett Parish Council's involvement in the Tour De France.

The main aim was to plan events to strengthen links in our own community. As a result, monthly events were held in Langsett in the run-up to the race.

Below are some photos and details of the events that took place in the run up to the TDF and some photos of the day itself.  All events were very successful and a good time was had by those who took part.

The Parish Council thanks all the members of the committee that devoted their time to organising, planning and holding the events.

Event 1 Saturday 29th March – Launch Day

10am to 4pm at Langsett Barn
On Saturday 29th March an information day was held in Langsett Barn for the Tour De France.  Prior to this weekend we had given out blank bunting pennants to schools and community groups to decorate. They were encouraged to bring them along to Langsett Barn on the 29th to be sewn together. Participants on the day were also able to decorate a flag. Leaflets and information about the TDF and refreshments were also available.  Below are some photos from the information day showing bunting being decorated, sewn together and put onto rope.  Also shown are the information stands kindly provided by BMBC officers.


Event 2 19th & 20th April - Easter Weekend at Langsett Barn
Cycling event – the weekend events included bike races, bike maintenance, bike rides, and an easter egg treasure hunt in the wood … anything bikes!  Below are some photos from the weekend.

Getting ready for the egg hunt


 Cyclists gathering for the ride


Dr Bike Maintenance Workshop


Planning the Bike ride


Flying the bunting


 Flying the bunting


Event 3 Sunday 18th May - Arts & Culture Day at Langsett Barn
The day
involved local painters, photographers, poets, spinners, weavers and artists, arts & craft stalls and demonstrations.  There was also live music and dancing.  A fun day was had by all, below are some photos from the event. 

Arts and Crafts in Langsett Barn


Wool Products


Bee Keeping


Bee Keeping - Hive observation


Chainsaw carving


Chainsaw Carving - The love seat


Grenoside Sword Dancers


Rare breed Penistone Tup waiting for shearing


Sheep shearing

Six Jolly Miners Longsword dancing Team from Sheffield

Spinning the wool


Whittling in the woods

Event 4 Saturday 28th June - Bunting hanging

From 12pm onwards at Langsett Village

A coming together of everything we have done - i.e. hanging the bunting and an exhibition of the artwork produced. Come and joint us as we hang up the Tour De France Bunting around the village.

The bunting is up!


Sunday 6th July - The wait is over...



First the Caravan....


The Peleton enters Langsett Parish